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About Breakthrough Technologies

Born from a group of visionary engineers, physicists and business leaders near Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, our founders created Breakthrough Technologies to produce innovative products that provide significant cost savings to businesses and solve global environmental and sustainability problems. With each breakthrough solution, we seek to partner with world-class companies to dramatically transform industrial processes and deliver positive social and environmental change around the world.

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Irwin Heller
Chief Executive Officer
Kamal Jaffrey
Chief Technology Officer
Jeffery J. Mahaffey
Chief Operating Officer

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Nadeem Nisar
Board Member
Chuck Bryceland
Board Member
Newsha K. Ajami 
Board Member
Graham Beesley
Board Member

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We build innovative industrial products that improve water and energy sustainability and drive better business performance.

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Who We Are

Boston-based Breakthrough Technologies is led by a world-class engineering team managed by one of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s brightest engineers. Unlike any other sustainable technology company, our engineers utilize physics to solve sustainability problems with industrial production processes. This unique approach ultimately leads to cleaner, cost-saving sustainable solutions.

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