ALI: A Water Recovery Solution for Cooling Towers

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Improve Your Cooling Tower Efficiency

ALI, Aqua Liquefaction with Ionization, is our leading patent-pending technology for cooling towers. ALI uses specially-designed ductwork over cooling towers to capture evaporating water. Without using heat or chemicals under normal cooling tower operations, ALI condenses and recovers 90% of your evaporating water and eliminates the concentration of solid and liquid impurities in your system. Our patent-pending technology only requires one day for installation and involves no moving parts, which means minimal maintenance and operating expenses.

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The Benefits of ALI

Recover at least 90% of water loss

Recover at least 90% of water loss.

Under normal cooling tower operations, ALI captures and recovers more than 90% of evaporative water which may save you millions of dollars in operating expenses.

Reduce chemical treatments

Reduce chemical treatments.

ALI reduces the need for expensive chemicals to treat water impurities and bacteria by recovering and recycling water.

Reduce blow down

Reduce blow down.

Recycling clean, evaporated water reduces sewage discharge and wastewater disposal.

Eliminate plume rise

Eliminate plume rise.

ALI contains and redirects the plume, which can spread bacteria and diseases into the atmosphere.

Lower energy costs

Lower energy costs.

ALI’s patent-pending duct system increases the efficiency of cooling tower system fans. This allows each fan to pull with less energy, which reduces operating costs.

Plug-and-play innovation

Plug-and-play innovation.

ALI’s plug-and-play technology connects to your existing cooling tower system, which allows for easy installation and maintenance.

A smart investment

A smart investment.

From recovering water to lowering energy use, ALI will provide a return on investment in as little as two to three years.

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How It Works

The Conventional Process

Step One

The Conventional Process

Traditional cooling tower systems use water to extract waste heat and eject it into the atmosphere. In these towers, humid air carries warm water vapor out of each tower. Many cooling towers also utilize a sump, or basin, that collects water and impurities that over time lead to corrosion and bacteria growth. Many cooling tower systems control these issues by adding more water and chemicals.

Step Two


ALI’s technology adds a patent-pending duct system above the existing cooling tower that condenses and recovers evaporating water. The duct system splits and straightens the airflow using psychrometrics, which prevents back pressure and reduces turbulence.

Coalesce and Condense

Step Three

Coalesce and Condense

The duct system's airflow is then directed to an ionization and cloud chamber, where a carefully controlled electric field causes the water molecules to coalesce and condense into larger droplets.

Step Four

Return and Exhaust

The condensed, clean water is returned to the basin, and the remaining air exits through the exhaust. The recovered and recycled water is now available for reuse in the water cooling system.

Return and Exhaust

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Boston-based Breakthrough Technologies is led by a world-class engineering team managed by one of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s brightest engineers. Unlike any other sustainable technology company, our engineers utilize physics to solve sustainability problems with industrial production processes. This unique approach ultimately leads to cleaner, cost-saving sustainable solutions.

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