On The Horizon

Breakthrough Technologies maintains a number of groundbreaking patented and patent-pending technologies that improve sustainability and drive better business performance. Below are a number of new industrial solutions that Breakthrough Technologies is on the cusp of bringing to market. For more information or questions about these industrial solutions on the horizon, please contact us at info@bt-tech.com.


Hydrogen sulfide is a naturally occurring, yet toxic and corrosive impurity that is produced from decaying organic matter. It is created in the process of refining petroleum and it is also released during the fermentation of organic material to make biogas. Instead of using a hazardous and expensive purification process, Breakthrough Technologies’ innovative SulphyPro uses a combination of microwaves and manipulated ultraviolet-light waves to excite and separate hydrogen sulfide molecules into hydrogen and sulfur. This nascent recycled hydrogen can save operating costs, be burned for energy or tapped as a renewable transportation source.

Phoenix Pressure and Heat Exchanger (PHX)

Second only to water, concrete is the most widely-used substance on Earth. The process of making cement, the key ingredient in concrete, emits a significant amount of man-made waste heat, which is a major sustainability issue. To combat this global problem, Breakthrough Technologies created the Phoenix Pressure and Heat Exchanger (PHX), which involves a series of patent-pending thermoelectric generators or Breakthrough Cubes that when exposed to heat create electricity for everyday use. From a standard sized kiln, Phoenix can create 20MW of electricity, which is enough to power 10,000 homes and worth about $12.3 million per year. The process reduces the need to use carbon-intense energy sources and reuses waste heat. Future applications of Phoenix will include air conditioning units, steel mills and other industrial processes involving man-made waste heat.

Multi-Effect Process (MEP)

It is estimated that over 18 trillion gallons of wastewater is generated in North America every year. Breakthrough Technologies’ groundbreaking Multi-Effect Process uses a novel combination of thermo-electrochemistry techniques to reduce the organic (COD, BOD) and inorganic (TDS, etc.) impurities in wastewater. This innovative process not only makes wastewater recyclable for industrial processes, but it also improves on an expensive method, the reverse-osmosis process, which requires significant funding, maintenance and energy. MEP allows users to reclaim water in industrial processes applicable to cane sugar, bio-digesters, textiles, fats and oils and petrochemicals. The system also allows users to reclaim remaining solids as fertilizer and gas as energy. With MEP, a typical midsize industrial site can reclaim enough water to save a million dollars a year in sewage charges.

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