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We build innovative industrial products that improve water and energy sustainability and drive better business performance.

We’re a sustainability technology company focused on creating value for business.

Population growth and climate change continue to stress natural resources around the world. To overcome these challenges, industrial processes must become more efficient. These challenges require environmental stewardship, corporate leadership engagement and collaborative partnerships that embrace innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex environmental problems. Breakthrough Technologies is a Boston-based company that builds innovative industrial products to improve water and energy sustainability and drive better business performance.


ALI: A Water Recovery Solution for Cooling Towers

Improving Cooling Tower Efficiency


ALI, Aqua Liquefaction with Ionization, is our leading patent-pending technology that improves cooling towers. ALI uses specially-designed ductwork over cooling towers to capture evaporating water. Without using heat or chemicals under normal cooling tower operations, ALI condenses and recovers 90% of your evaporating water and eliminates the concentration of solid and liquid impurities in your system. Our patent-pending technology only requires one day for installation and involves no moving parts, which means minimal maintenance and operating expenses.

The Benefits

  • Recover 90% of water loss
  • Reduce water treatment chemicals
  • Reduce blowdown
  • Eliminate plume rise
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase sustainability
  • Easy installation
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Who We Are

Boston-based Breakthrough Technologies is led by a world-class engineering team managed by one of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s brightest engineers. Unlike any other sustainable technology company, our engineers utilize physics to solve sustainability problems with industrial production processes. This unique approach ultimately leads to cleaner, cost-saving sustainable solutions.

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